Travel Visions

East Asia Travel Visions

Starting in November 2016, I've been traveling through East Asia. I've just made it to Southeast Asia (currently in Thailand). I've been to Japan, Korea, China, and Vietnam ---- all while sketching my observations and daydreams about contemporary city life in the places I visited. Here are some of my favorites:


Temple of Korean Street Wear


Inspired by artwork inside of the Haedong Yongungsa Buddhist Temple in Haeundae along with all of the superbly dressed young Koreans in Hongdae.

Nudes in Nature


I borrowed traditional Korean Color palettes in this drawing after visiting awesome galleries that featured old korean painted panels. The wave and red sun motifs were used quite a lot in royal paintings, and I loved the aesthetic. I imagined a bad-ass Korean woman living back in those days, and what she would do if she got her hands on an iPhone. 

Seoul Street / Traditional Art Remix


Street Foods and some Peeps


I love Korean street food a scary amount. My mom immigrated from Korea when she was a teenager, so I grew up hearing about her experiences growing up in Daegu and munching on fresh sugar wafers she used to buy from street vendors. I ate my share of those when I got to Seoul. Sugar is caramelized in an iron bowl and quickly whipped with a small amount of baking soda to give it volume and a unique golden crunch. The vendors stamp each sugar disk with a shape, and if you are able to poke out the shape without breaking the wafer, you get another one for free. I drew out a bunch of my favorite Korean snacks, including the wafers (Ppopgi), fish-shaped red bean buns (Bungeoppang), Kimbap (Korean style sushi, heavy with sesame oil :)), Matteongsan (crunchy peanut flavor sweet snack), and Hotteok (rice flour donuts filled with oozie brown sugar and sunflower seeds).


Saigon Grrl Gang


I ended up spending a lot of time in Ho Chi Minh City. The whirlwind of colors, smells, and noises were chaotic in all the right ways. I did not cross the street once without wondering whether or not I would be hit by a moving vehicle, but if anything this just added to the excitement of living there. It made me happy to see so many bad-ass Vietnamese women of all ages tearing up the streets on their motor bikes. It didn't matter what outfit they had on (dress, skirt, etc), they made the bikes work.