Voter Rights

Voter ID Laws for Amplifier + Rock the Vote

I created this series of GIFs and static illustrations for Amplifier and Rock the Vote to draw attention to the gendered discrimination aspect of voter ID laws.

From the Amplifier website: "On the 52nd Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, Amplifier has launched a new series of art highlighting the need to renew and strengthen this essential protection against discrimination in voter registration and access. The Voting Rights Act was intended to guarantee the elimination of racial discrimination in voting, however in 2013 the Supreme Court decision in Shelby County v. Holder removed the preclearance clause, allowing for jurisdictions with a history of passing discriminatory voting laws to no longer be subject to oversight when passing voting laws that impact minority voters."

My three-part series, which launched on the anniversary of the VRA, is available as free high-res downloads here. YES! Magazine ran a story to accompany the artwork.